Front End Boot camp Overview
5 days per week
10 weeks
400 working hours


Program is designed to be highly practical which means that lectures are usually short and are followed up by practical work on a computer to illustrate theoretical components. Every week, each student is producing technical solutions which are carefully added to the base knowledge with intent to have sizable final project that can be demonstrated to potential employers.

During the two month program the first month is focused on basics of computer science - candidates will learn basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The focus of the second month is on practical applications of JavaScript - learning the framework landscape, engineering system and one specific framework.

The climax of the program is the final project which will be completed within the framework (react) and using the engineering system (source control, deployment and unit testing). Final project will be hosted and available for demonstration to interested parties (family, friends and potential employers).



One of the frequently overlooked aspects of successful IT education is understanding of the engineering system. During the two month program, our students will be exposed to technical aspects of the engineering system (source control system, unit testing system, deployment automation system).

Final project will be completed using all of the modern engineering system tools. Also, final project will be posted/hosted so that it can be demonstrated.

In addition to engineering system tools, students will be introduced to concepts of scrum/lean development, roles and responsibilities within engineering teams and general theory of software engineering process.

IT Industry

One of the key reasons for the success of IT industry in Serbia is a set of values and the mindset that drives IT engineering teams.

Our lecturers are successful members of the IT industry and our founding team comes from the industry, therefore we will portray an accurate description of what is necessary to successfully participate in IT industry.

Throughout the program (typically on Friday afternoon) we will invite industry lecturers who will provide context on their individual companies.  As part of the program students will be exposed to a series of non-technical lectures which will outline key values in IT industry such as teamwork, growth mindset and continuous learning.

Also, students will be exposed to Serbian IT history, current trends in IT and various subfields of IT.

BIT graduates will have an accurate understanding of IT industry and their role in the current ecosystem.


During the lessons, individuals will be paired with other students and work together on class materials. This means that two students sharing one computer and taking turns who uses it.

By sharing computer, students learn from each other, catch each other's mistakes and learn how to function in small teams. Pairing will help you to communicate about your code and force you to look at your own code from another’s perspective.

week at BIT

Every week at BIT follows similar format.

Every day starts at 9:00. During the initial period the professor will present the plan for the day. Student will do a short morning meeting (similar to scrum) to discuss the experience and challenges from the prior day.

Four classes are conducted from the morning (9.00-13.00). Each class starts with a short lecture (20 minutes). After the lecture students  work on a practical implementation of a particular theoretical concept.

Every class consists of 30 individuals that sit in pairs. Every two individuals have access to a workstation. Software development is a social activity and as such much of the knowledge is transferred through peer interactions.

One lecturer is assigned per classroom and 1 assistant. The idea is that professor and assistant will assist students and clarify concepts or help unblock them while there are doing an assignment.

Afternoon sessions start after 1 hour lunch break at 14:00 and last until 18:00. The format in the afternoon follow the format from the morning.  Mornings are heavier in technical content. Afternoon sessions may include some of the non-technical talks about how IT industry operates in Serbia (and the rest of the world).

Friday is special. Technical lectures are conducted as specified in the morning, but the afternoon format is different. During the afternoon we will have 1 guest speaker from the industry. It is critical that BIT students use the time of our guest speakers and prepare numerous questions.

In addition during the afternoon students will present their projects of the week to other students and discuss challenges and opportunities. Professors will not conduct formal lectures but will be available for consultations. Also, students will have time to finish any of the unfinished projects that were planned for the week.


Monday – Thursday

Lectures session 1
Lunch Break
Lectures session 2


Lectures session
Lunch Break
Industry Talks

Week 1

How internet works – vol. 1
  • History of the internet
  • What is Web development
  • Fundamental concepts and internet protocols
  • Where is the internet (about hardware and software that support internet)

Week 2

  • Advanced HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Bootstrap

Week 3—4

  • Pure JavaScript (Client Side scripting)
  • How internet works – vol. 2
  • DNS, URL, HTTP, (web servers-hosting)
  • Client-server model

Week 5—6

  • Advance JavaScript / JQUERY (pseudo-classes, prototypes, object oriented design, ajax, etc.)

Week 7

  • Engineering system Basics (source control, testing, deployment, code reviews, lean methodology, scrum, etc.)

Week 8—9

  • Web applications design
  • How to learn framework
  • Introduction to ReactJS

Week 10

  • XML/JSON Web services - API
  • Advanced ReactJS
  • Demo day