Your story

BIT is not suited for everyone. We are looking for highly motivated students who are willing to work hard and make a change in their lives.

Your Story

At present, there is a lot of misinformation about the IT profession in Serbia (and in the world). On one hand the IT industry offers limitless growth opportunities and fair benefits.

However, career growth in the IT industry requires dedication, teamwork and constant learning. Therefore, applicants have a difficult path ahead of them, but in that journey they will learn, grow and become far superior individuals.

Our program is for people who are intellectually curious and passionate about software engineering.

Becoming a world class software engineer is a lifelong endeavor. Our students are predominantly folks who had chosen another field of study, looking to ... or did not complete formal education. An integral part of the program is reprogramming those candidates to function in software industry.


Why is BIT not accredited?

Accreditation process adds significant procedures to any educational operation and it also limits freedom to innovate. We believe that lack of accreditation is our competitive advantage because we can quickly innovate and provide programs that exactly match the needs of local industry.

Why is the program this intense? Is there a way to go through the program part time (evening)?

Our program is intentionally intense in order to simulate a workweek in an above average IT company. Any fundamental change in life requires reprogramming. Such reprogramming cannot occur in leisurely hours or in part time setting. For the fundamental change we need students to fully focus on the transformation and on learning.

Why is BIT more expensive than competitive programs?

BIT program offers 2-3 times more classes than competitive programs. Our program offers one year worth of lectures within two month period. As such we have higher costs for all cost components. Also, we believe that if a person completes the program and starts a journey in a new career, BIT tuition cost is not going to be relevant discussion point in the future.

Given that we are operating in the digital economy of the 21st century, why is the program designed for classroom?

We believe that individuals starting their journey in IT need detailed supervision and almost mentoring relationship with lecturers, assistants and professors. Students need direct help and feedback on their progress. Professors have to adjust classes according to ability of students to absorb the materials. Furthermore, in classroom setting students can learn from peers and can solicit feedback from their fellow students. We believe that an intensive in-classroom program increases chances for successful transition to industry.

Is BIT willing to guarantee employment after the completion of the course?

Even the most prestigious institutions in the world cannot guarantee employment after graduation. Students are responsible and have to own their own careers. However, we guarantee that our qualified graduates after the program will have opportunity to introduce themselves to the relevant companies. We also guarantee that our career office will keep in touch with them and will work extremely hard to help with the placement. We guarantee that attention to each student will be market leading. Our only measure of success is number of individuals that we successfully place in the industry. We will measure and report percentage of placed individuals.

Why should I choose BIT?

BIT program is industry leading. The BIT team is the best our local industry can offer. We believe that our graduates will have highest likelihood to find local job opportunities. It is a fact that we are a relatively new school, but our intent to contribute to local educational landscape has been in the making for years.

What will be my starting salary after BIT?

It is difficult to estimate. All individuals are different and some folks are much better at marketing their skills than others. It is important to note that IT engineers have long and prosperous careers therefore starting salary is only the beginning of the journey. The key is to land a job after BIT program and over time financial rewards will be proportional to industry averages for particular career stage (entry, intermediate, senior).