Our story

We believe that the future of Serbia firmly depends on our ability to scale the number of individuals involved in the IT sector. That is why we founded BIT.

Mission & Vision

Given the worldwide trends in technology, the current state of affairs in Serbian IT industry and the overall state of education in Serbia, we see a clear opportunity to deliver a modernized education and commoditize certain areas of IT outsourcing market.

One of the core beliefs of the BIT founding team is in the fact that intellectual potential of our country is utterly underutilized. We took on recruiting it into IT profession, in exceptionally short time periods, via a carefully condensed program.

The primary goal of our enterprise is employment of our students. Our foremost indicator of our own success is the percentage of candidates who upon completing our condensely structured program find themselves employed. It is designed to maximize chances for employment – based on the worldwide industry trends, localy-tuned in Serbia. It is also intended for yearly revisions in order to stay consistent in the top of the rapidly developing local IT market, effectively increasing the placement rate of our future candidates.

BIT graduates are equipped with skills to quickly join an engineering team and start new career in IT.

Lecturers & founders

  • Marko Arsić

    Marko Arsić

    Polyglot developer deeply interested in high performance, software architecture and generally solving complex problems. Dedicated to writing highly maintainable and reliable code while following best coding practices. Currently, mobile is his passion. During last seven years while working for different foreign and domestic companies Marko used technologies like HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, NodeJS in his daily work while developing different websites and applications, frontend and backend.

  • Nenad Bugarić

    Nenad Bugarić

    Full stack web developer on a mission to make complex systems as simple as possible! Clean code lover, mainly focused on web application development. Worked as freelance developer for several years, currently working as engineer at social media marketing agency. Graduated with a Computer Science degree on Faculty of Electronic Engineering. Team player trying to learn something new every day and to share knowledge.

  • Anđelka Zečević

    Anđelka Zečević

    Assistant at the Faculty of Mathematics, University of Belgrade. In 2006, she learned about Computational Linguistics and Information Retrieval from one of guest lecturers who was wearing a t-shirt with the quote "Sleep is for the weak". Since then she believes that this is one of the most extraordinary fields of research. Mostly however, she teaches her students about the significance of web technologies. Anđelka is immensely grateful to them for all the great ideas and interesting things they have shared with her.

  • Stanko Nikolić

    Stanko Nikolić

    Senior Solutions Architect, Microsoft MVP for Visual Studio and Development Technologies. With more than 10 years in development, Stanko is consultant and speaker on subjects such as software architecture, frameworks, design patterns, web and mobile applications, web services and cloud computing. Main focus is on Microsoft, Web and open source technologies.

  • Vesna Marinković

    Vesna Marinković

    Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Mathematics, University of Belgrade. Professor at the Web and Internet Technologies course. She works in research, in the field of automated reasoning, with an emphasis on automatic and formal proof of the geometry theorems. She enjoys sharing her knowledge with others, encourages her students to interact, mostly because she is a firm believer in student-teacher active participance in the process of learning

  • Dario Stamenković

    Dario Stamenković

    A full-stack web developer whose goal is turning any setbacks into better ideas and better ideas into amazing solutions. He graduated economy and shortly after that decided to follow his passion and pursue a career in IT Industry. He believes that to get to the stage where you have fun at work, you have to go through many different situations and invest countless hours in yourself and the profession you have decided to pursue. Passionate about going the extra mile in mentoring talented and hard-working people, trying to show them all the thrills of being a programmer committed to personal growth and software development.

  • Vladica Lapčević

    Vladica Lapčević

    Frontend developer who dedicates a lot of time to UI improvements on web applications. In the last seven years he worked as a freelance web developer and designer for clients from all over the world. Spent some time working as a frontend developer in e-commerce industry, and currently is full time employed at successful social marketing agency. He is also an instructor at online learning platform Udemy.com. Enjoys learning new things, using modern technologies, and passing his knowledge to the others

  • Dragan Tomić

    Dragan Tomić

    Born in 1974 in Belgrade. Tech industry veteran, a member of Microsoft team for almost 20 years. He returned from the United States 10 years ago and joined the Microsoft Development Center Serbia (MDCS). He has been leading the MDCS team since 2009. Under his leadership, MDCS became one of the top R&D destinations for Microsoft in Europe. One of the founding members of Digital Serbia Initiative. Dragan completed his formal education in the United States (Texas Tech University - Electrical Engineering, Tech University - Computer Science and University of Washington – MBA). 2023. takes over the position of VP of Engineering, where he will be in charge of launching the Databricks development center in Belgrade.

  • Ivan Andrić

    Ivan Andrić

    Born in 1974 in Belgrade. Graduated from the Faculty of Economics, earned MBA degree from the Cotrugli Business School in Belgrade. Currently Ivan is running companies TRUST Digital and Sportske.net

  • Vuk Vujisić

    Vuk Vujisić

    Born in 1974 in Belgrade. Director and producer at PRIMER Studio www.primervfx.com

Advisory Board

The key asset of our school and program is an inside understanding of current industry trends and the demands of the local market. It is obtaied via our advisory board, which in effect constitutes our hiring commity.

In addition to working with them to shape the program in order for our students to have the highest appeal on the local market, companies whose representatives constitute our advisory board will interview most of our graduates.

Advisory board offers crucial feedback on how to further develop the program and different criteria for our students, so that in the long run everyone (school, companies and students) reaches the highest likelihood for success. Our philosophy and business model is devised and setup in such way that we can only succeed if all parties included (companies, students, BIT) are successful in their own rites.

  • LEVI9
  • SAGA
  • 3AP
  • EY
  • BlueGrid

BIT Advisory Board gathers distinguished individuals,
young leaders dedicated to innovations in business and education.

  • Nemanja Čedomirović

    Nemanja Čedomirović

  • Aleksandar Slijepčević

    Aleksandar Slijepčević

  • Mladen Trišić

    Mladen Trišić

  • Bojana Milašinović

    Bojana Milašinović

Loop is a platform dedicated to sharing useful information to our students about new business conquests. Furthermore, student biographies are made more visible to employers who are in search for new team members.
INSPIRA group, in cooperation with INFOSTUD network with whom we carefully analyse labour market in terms of supply and demand.


Career Center

The goal of BIT doesn't end with education. We are tailoring people for Serbian IT industry, empowering them with both professional IT knowledge and soft skills. Education is just a strong first step towards what's coming - the rest of successful career. That is why we created Center for IT Career Development of BIT students.
There are two roles of this Center. First is to help BIT students gain soft skills needed for their further career development. During the second month of the program our students have a set of lectures and workshops designed to increase their chance in selection process. Beside the general part (resume, interview etc) this lectures ares intended to demystify the selection process by bringing industry-related lectures.

The second part is to connect BIT students with TOP IT companies from Serbian market, having in mind that we partnered with more than 80 IT companies. Every BIT student that successfully finishes our program will have the opportunity to have job interviews in our partnering IT companies.

The crown of BIT activities is BIT student employment. We will celebrate each individual who successfully complete our program and finds a job in IT industry. For BIT, every successfully placed indivisual is a new hope for our country.

Infrastructure & Location

BIT is located in the centre of Belgrade, very close to major bus and tram lines.

Our classrooms are big, inspirational open spaces. We provide ­­­­­PC Lenovo ThinkCentre M710s SFF computers for students to work on in class, comfortable desks and spacious open cubbies in which students can keep their belongings. There is a kitchen area with microwaves and fridges and spacious lounge for work and leisure time.

Institute of Technology Belgrade
Kneza Miloša 82 / IV, Beograd

+381 61 1990 956
+381 11 4519 964